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At American Mailbox Solutions, we are proud of our excellent work and industry leading customer service department. Our mailbox and street signs specialists are friendly, knowledgeable, and work with the rest of our team to achieve 100% satisfaction for all our costumers. Mailboxes and street signs are the best and smartest ways to add value and curb appeal in your community. Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Builders all agree that standardizing a community's mailboxes and street signs increases the value of the homes by thousands of dollars.

We have 15 years experience and tens of thousand happy costumers. We always check with you local county, city and state guidelines to make sure all installation requirements are met.

  • • Fully licensed and insured staff
  • • Customer service available from start to finish to make sure we satisfied all your requirements
  • • 1 year warranty on all products and labor

Installation & Service Prices

Single Mailboxes Installation only : $69 (includes disposal of the old mailbox)
Single Street Sign Installation: $149
Service call: minimum $29+parts
Paint a Mailbox: $49
Paint a Street Sign: $125
Please call or Request a Quote for volume discount.

Tools & Supplies Used:

  • • Electric Drill
  • • A Shovel
  • • Post Hole Digger
  • • Water
  • • 80lb Bag of quality concrete
  • • Measuring Device
  • • Tarp
  • • Level

Mailbox Installation Instructions

Mailbox installation work can be completed easily in 2-3 hours of time, particularly if you are making use of fast-drying cement. The materials used in installation can be bought from a local home improvement store. It is an easy procedure and even you can independently go ahead for installing a mailbox post at your place.

1. Decide the place for your mailbox post in conformity with the rules prescribed by your local postal authority. Every city has different set of regulations, so at the very instance you must first find out the regulation for the city you live in before installing a mailbox post.

2. Contact with the localized utility companies to check out if there are any utility lines already been placed in the locality – or they can simply suggest you to hold back for a definite amount of time if there are any underground lines yet to be marked.

3. Burrow the land to the depth of 10 to 12 inches for installing your mailbox post. Conform to the necessitated measuring from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox.

4. Add two inches of rock fragments and pebbles to the hole if you are planning to install a wooden mailbox. This helps in proper drainage and will enable a longer life to your wooden post.

5. Try and stand the mail box post to straight up in the hole on top of the rocks. Roll one of the chains around the post and tie it to one of the stakes. Replicate this process with another string as well by tying it to the other stake. For the purpose of getting accuracy, you must cross check your height measurements.

6. Muddle up the fast drying cement as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. Apply the concrete on the hole around the mailbox post until it gets leveled up with the top of the ground. Don't remove the wood stakes until the cement dries completely.

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Just received the mailbox and it is great!!! Our small community requires us to have same mailboxes so i was the first one to order. It was delivered by UPS with in a week just like promised. Costumer service was very professional and knowledgeable in explaining all the specifications and details about a mailbox. I am very happy and would recommend this site to anyone who is looking to buy a mailbox. After I did my research I found that the price was the lowest on this site. All of our neighbors are planning to order the same mailbox because its been few years and we need the same look for everyone in our community. I love this mailbox. Great service, price and the quality of the product. A+++

-Dani, Atlanta Ga

The mailbox was here in 5 days. Rembrandt mailbox package and it is beautiful. The mailbox included street numbers, finial, bracket and nice decorative base. I could not believe that we got a complete package for such a great price. After talking with Ed on the phone he recommended this mailbox and I must say that the whole neighborhood is asking me about it. I love this site and recommended to all my family and friends. Just perfect.

-Brent Denver, Co

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