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Today, commercial mail boxes with unique features are in huge demand and particularly cluster mailboxes!It provides a totally different look and a voguish appearance to the apartments where they are fixed. The most regular mailboxes been fixed by architects of today in the multi-unit apartment buildings include four basic features:

  • • Front Loading
  • • Rear Loading
  • • Cluster
  • • Vertical


  • 1. Front Loading Mailboxes - The most popular choice for apartment mailboxes is the front loading mailboxes. Front loading from the name itself means that in order to put the mails in the mailbox, the post man is required to open it from the front end. And likewise, it is the same side from where the owners take out their mails.
  • 2. Rear Loading Mailboxes – One more popular option for apartment mailboxes is the rear-loading mailbox. It allows the post mans to put in the mails by opening a hinged rear door panel fixed on the rear of each mailbox. For such type of mailboxes, a mail delivery room that is safe and non approachable by the common people is essential so that any mail that is put inside can’t be lifted or slipped.
  • 3. Cluster Mailboxes - Another choice for apartment mailboxes is the Cluster mail boxes also known as cluster box units or CBUs.  cluster mailboxes are the first-class choice for multi-storied apartments as they are independent and can be put on at any place that is approved by the postal services. They are available in 8, 12, 13, and 16 door patterns. 
  • 4. Vertical Mailboxes – Vertical mailboxes present an excellent choice for small renovation projects. While all new construction projects or major renovation projects require commercial mailbox systems, vertical mailboxes can be utilized as replacement mailboxes.


Moreover, mostly the mailboxes are built to satisfy the users’ security needs and are available in variety of finishes.

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Just received the mailbox and it is great!!! Our small community requires us to have same mailboxes so i was the first one to order. It was delivered by UPS with in a week just like promised. Costumer service was very professional and knowledgeable in explaining all the specifications and details about a mailbox. I am very happy and would recommend this site to anyone who is looking to buy a mailbox. After I did my research I found that the price was the lowest on this site. All of our neighbors are planning to order the same mailbox because its been few years and we need the same look for everyone in our community. I love this mailbox. Great service, price and the quality of the product. A+++

-Dani, Atlanta Ga

The mailbox was here in 5 days. Rembrandt mailbox package and it is beautiful. The mailbox included street numbers, finial, bracket and nice decorative base. I could not believe that we got a complete package for such a great price. After talking with Ed on the phone he recommended this mailbox and I must say that the whole neighborhood is asking me about it. I love this site and recommended to all my family and friends. Just perfect.

-Brent Denver, Co

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